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DIT University is organizing its fifth Inter College Annual Sports meet “Sphurti-2019” from 09th - 11th March. “Sphurti-2019” will provide a platform to the students to compete with each other in badminton, basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and cricket.“Sphurti-2019” is an extravaganza with the best sport persons from Technical and Management institutions of India coming together to play, win and enjoy.

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    "SPHURTI" provides a platform to compete with sportsman spirit, team spirit and display leadership qualities on the field of sports in a healthy manner.

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Table Tennis



It gives me immense pleasure to welcome you all to the academic world of DIT University on the occasion of the 5th annual sports meet “SPHURTI-2k19”.For the three days of Sports meet, DIT University will organize a number of sports events for you to join and enjoy. They include Cricket, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, and Table-tennis.
The importance of sports and fitness in one’s life is invaluable. Sport embraces all ages, all academic brackets and both gender. Playing sports inculcates team spirit, develops strategic & analytical thinking, leadership skills, goal setting and risk taking. Sport is a force for national unity and a builder of national pride. Sport is a key to our future as it enhances the health of our children, providing them with positive alternatives in their daily lives. A fit and healthy individual leads to an equally healthy society and strong nation.
In fact, “SPORT” stands for five words. “S” stands for “sincere”, “P” stands for “professional”, “O” stands for “obedient”, “R” stands for “respectful”, and “T” stands for “target-oriented”. In other words, as a good sportsman, to win in the sports ground, you should play according to the rules. Then what are the rules? The rules are: being sincere, professional, obedient, respectful and target-oriented.
DIT University with its mission and vision in the twenty glorious years achieve the scientific and academic development of youth .In its 21st year of establishment, DIT University firmly holds the view that the students should be active drivers and not just passive recipients of knowledge process.
Through participation in the annual sports meet, SPHURTI-2k19, University members and our students community deserve appreciation as they cheer up SPHURTI-2k19 to make it a great success and enjoyment in these three days!

Best Wishes.
- N. Ravi Shanker
DIT University, Dehradun.


It gives me great pleasure to know that DIT University is organizing its 5th Annual Sports Event "SPHURTI" from March 09-11, 2019. Universities organize annual sports events for the entertainment and appreciation benefit of the sportsmanship and inculcating team spirit.
Sports are an integral part of the education systems. It is very much essential for today’s youthful generation. Running, walking and talking throughout the day make the children physically active. "SPHURTI -2k19" shall bring us self-esteem of the player, their pride of self and institute, and in general, discipline, sportsmanship, healthy competition, sacrifice and appreciation of others as a team.
At DITU over the years, the competition has been uncoiling. I am confident that this year will be no different. I support all the students, faculty member and staff, who will participate in this event.
  This event will definitely encourage our students to improve their sports skill as well as improve their overall mental & physical health. "SPHURTI -2k19" provides a platform to compete with sportsman spirit, team spirit and display leadership qualities on the field of sports in a healthy manner.
I congratulate the Team "SPHURTI -2k19" for putting best efforts.
May we all have a great and peaceful "SPHURTI -2k19". Jai Hind !

- Dr. K.K. RAINA
Vice Chancellor
DIT University


Greetings from Pro Vice Chancellor Office!
I am very happy to note that DIT University is organizing SPHURTI – 2019, as a part of its Annual Inter College/University Sports Meet during 09th – 11th March, 2019. It is very important for every student to take part in as many sports activities as possible. Active participation in sports not only conditions the physical and mental abilities of every youth, but also it helps instill discipline, hard work and excellence – values that are necessary to reach the pinnacle of success in your university education, which is your primary goal. Sports Festivals of this kind provide the right platform for the student community to exhibit their talent and involve in a healthy competition. This sports meet, SPHURTI - 2019, will therefore be a very important activity and a fitting occasion to encourage sportsmanship among students in the region. The members of the Organizing Committee of SPHURTI – 2019 have done a wonderful job in bringing together number of students from institutes far and wide, giving them a unique opportunity to expose their talents, and providing an opportunity for all students to learn from each other and also prepare them to face the rigors of professional life.
I wish you all a great participation in all the events. May you compete with integrity and fairness and bring fame not only for yourselves, but also to your alma matter, and to our nation.
I wish the event great success.

- Brigadier (Dr) M Srinivasan (Retired)
Pro Vice Chancellor
DIT University


I take great pleasure in welcoming all new student athletes to the SPHURTI-2k19, the fifth annual sports meet of DIT University, from 9th March to 11 March 2019. On this occasion, I extend my warm wishes to all the sports persons and with a great motto of "Aim for excellence, not perfection."  for everyone whose perfectionistic tendencies prevent them from getting anything done, we will form the nucleus of change when we combine efforts with those who have walked the path before us and are standing ready to create a year of not just being competitive but one of athletic dominance. Once you’ve prepared mentally and physically for your game, then you are ready to do your best-and your best is the best you can do.
The DIT University, Dehradun, under the leadership of Hon'ble vice Chancellor, Prof. K. K. Raina, is fully committed for all around development and empowerment of students so that they can realize their full potential and also contribute to the career-building process. Not only that, the DIT University, Dehradun is focused on scientific development and firmly holds the view that the students should be active drivers and not just passive recipients of the knowledge process. Sports play a key role in development of personality of the students. In fact, sports should be a way of life. I call upon the students to make sports an integral part of their life.

- Prof. (Dr.) Rakesh Mohan
Dean (Student Welfare)
DIT University


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